UI/UX Design

Design is driving the world right now. Companies are recognizing the value of design and are moving to fill their org charts with UX designers. UX design encompasses a lot of specialists. There are UX roles at giant corporations, at tiny start-ups, and everything in between.

You'll need passion and drive to be successful in this program. You own your education. We will facilitate your learning, but it's up to you to embrace the opportunity and work to succeed. There is a lot of ambiguity in UX design and you have to be able to work well with people and communicate complex ideas. If you can write well, think critically, communicate effectively, and are ready to learn, then you’re set up to succeed in the UX Design track at Lambda School.

What will be fun

Learning UI/UX development allows you to build your ideas with instant gratification along the way. Every time you refresh your browser you get to see something you envisioned manifest itself on your screen in real-time. It makes coding both exciting and rewarding.

What will be hard

It’s going to take a lot of practice before you are fluent. If you are new to programming, you may find that it’s a totally different way of thinking about and approaching problems. It may take time to adjust, but you'll get there!

Get training and experience on live projects.

We have developed various Bootcamp modules keeping in mind the recent industry trends and the inclination of the market towards the skill set. The course curriculum has a blend of industry-based training and contemporary technical skills.”

1-5 weeks

Intro to UI/UX, Design Thinking,Design Toolkit and UI/UX Notebook

6-10 weeks

Defining stakeholders,Needfinding,Creating UX Flows

11-15 weeks

Making a user journey,Sketching solutions,Converting Sketches to Grayscales

16-20 weeks

Understanding user testing

21-25 weeks

Design for Inclusion,UI Design for the Human Eye

26-30 weeks

Participate in our In-House Apprenticeship by building a real-world project in a small team.