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Unique Benefits

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    100% Job Ready with verified skills

    We have a tried and tested track record of brilliance. We match your company with talent that has extensive experience relevant to the role you're trying to fill.
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    Evaluated on real-world projects by Industry experts

    We give you great value for access to our talent. Delta school uses the same technologies as engineers in the Industry today are using.
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    and onboarding

    AS a network we have a very rigorous screening process to identify the best. We are experts in our domains and we build great problem solvers with passion and drive.
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    Certified &
    Experienced mentors

    Our dedicated & certified professional instructors ensure that students acquire the skills to kickstart their career in various domains.
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Your tools , Your process, Your time
Your team is ready!

Delta School grads operated as dedicated remote team members. We build and manage distributed teams like no one else. They work using your software development tools, adhere to your processes and are guaranteed to overlap with your team for at least 5 working hours.They may not be onsite to you, but they are very much a part of your team.

We deliver real results time and again for the world's top companies.

Hire the top 3% Talent

As companies in traditional industries increasingly rely on software to transform their business, Delta School has trained talented local students to become world-class software engineers, ready to contribute from their first day on the job.

Hire top Talent
  • Priyanka Bamrara

    Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Sumeet Rana

    Vice President - Technology
  • Shashank Raturi

    Account Specialist
  • Akhil Yadav

    Assistant Vice President

What sets us apart?

100% Industry
Relevant Skills

Having educated over 10,000 students, we are in the unique position to understand the learning needs of aspirants and design stimulating and job ready courses and curriculums.

Corporate Networks

Our considerable network comprising over 300 domestic and global companies establishes us as the foremost gateway for successful careers at some of the most renowned IT firms.

Job Ready

Delta students use the exact same tools and technologies as engineers in the industry, and it shows. You'll be on the cutting edge, capable of building and thriving in any environment with any set of technologies.


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Delta School

Time to Find a rightfit0-1 Week

Quality Gurantee

Failure RateVery Low

Pre- screened Candidates

Termination CostsNone

Typical Employment

Time to Find a rightfit1-4 Week

Quality Gurantee

Failure RateMedium

Pre- screened Candidates

Termination CostsVery High

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