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Delta School has come up with a program that prepares its students for the professional world, focusing on practical solutions, research and commercialization, offering internships, work experience and even 100% placements.

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Students Testimonials

Our younger workforce likes the breadth of courses within Delta school Bootcamp. Below are the testimonials of just some of the great feedback we are so happy to receive. We always take into account the views of our students, to make sure we are delivering the highest possible quality educational experience.

Our Bootcamp

At Delta school Bootcamp, we give environment, Practical solutions, work experience, that help our kin develop to their fullest potential and cultivate the innovativeness that flashes advancement.

Good induction program, giving new hires the confidence they need to tackle their new responsibilities and of course, also make them feel welcome.

Training sessions to the Interns in order to move the needle and make communities better. These training sessions are varied as per areas of expertise, covering topics like Android development, IOS Development, Drone Technologies and many more.

To foster collaboration and teamwork, we encourage our students to spend as much time as possible together at school and we've created a welcoming, inclusive, and inspiring spaces in the Bootcamp.

Part of what makes Delta School Bootcamp unique is that we don't require any prior knowledge of coding, so we have attracted diverse people from diverse backgrounds. This creates a rich learning environment.

Recent collaborations

We have collaborated with various universities and institutions in and around Chandigarh with colleges like DIT University, Chandigarh Group of College, Lovely Professional University, MMU being a few. The idea being that the traditional and modern means of academics can be brought together to educate the generations ahead and put an end to the problems of unemployment and underemployment. Our collaborative work environment fosters creativity, encourages new ways of thinking, and values a commitment to excellence—producing the best results for our clients.