Build real product in real time

Boot camp gives the right kind of environment for your holistic development. Every month you’ll collaborate with teams to work on live products to get new perspective on learning. At the end of the program you start working on individual projects.

Exhaustive structure of Boot camp

Every week is new in Boot camp which follows specific agenda designed for you to pick up new skills quickly. Individual progress is built into and monitored in Boot camp allowing students to repeat content until they master the skills.

Get help whenever you need it

We believe if you have the ‘will and skill’, you can excel.” Seek professionals when you need so that your learning never gets stalled.

Career Coaches

Career coaches will be there to train the candidates as per the current Industry trends which helps to connect the top-level companies with the graduates for job opportunities.


When you begin your job hunt, we’ll match you with a local professional in your field to give you advice on your portfolio, help you build your network, and help you get to know the industry.

Team Leads

Daily meet-up with the Team Leads for guidance, code review, and skills development. You’ll also meet 1:1 to review your peroffsetsonal progress.

Student success managers

Responsible for directing student retention and success efforts, formulating decisions regarding the development of programs.


Getting to understand the strengths and weaknesses of candidates on an individual basis, aligning mentors to every individual.

A large and lively student network

  • In-person meetups
  • Synergistic coding sessions
  • Collaborative Assessments
  • Everyday standup with companions

Placements along the way

Your success is our success that's why the Delta school curriculum is focused on getting you hired.This includes career exploration, making career choices and lifelong career development.

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