Why be a Data Scientist

A Data scientist is a top-ranking professional in any analytics organization. In today’s market, Data Scientists are scarce and in demand. As a Data Scientist, you are required to understand the business problem, design a data analysis strategy, collect and format the required data, apply algorithms or techniques using the correct tools, and make recommendations backed by data.

The role requires an amalgamation of tech, product ,marketing, sales and technologies. It is a solid career choice for both new and experienced professionals.

What will be fun

This Program covers extensive Data Science training, combining online instructor-led classes and self-paced learning.The skills focused on in this program will help prepare you for the role of a Data Scientist.

What will be hard

An in-depth understanding of supervised and unsupervised learning models such as linear regression, logistic regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, K-NN.

Get training and experience on live projects

We have developed various Bootcamp modules keeping in mind the recent industry trends and the inclination of the market towards the skill set. The course curriculum has a blend of industry-based training and contemporary technical skills.”

1-5 weeks

Capstone project, Product rating prediction

6-10 weeks

Attriton Analysis

11-15 weeks

Learn how leading Healthcare industry leaders make use of Data Science to leverage their business.

16-20 weeks

Understand how the Insurance leaders like Berkshire Hathaway, AIG, AXA, etc. make use of Data Science by working on a real-life project based on Insurance.

21-25 weeks

Understand how leading retail companies like Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc. make use of Data Science to analyze and optimize their product placements and inventory.

26-30 weeks

Participate in our In-House Apprenticeship by building a real-world project in a small team.