Career paths in Tech and skills required for a job in Technology in 2019


Each role in a professional setting requires a varying degree of breadth, depth, and business skills. When you are an expert in an area, you have deep knowledge about a specific subject which is often extremely tactical or technical. 

Usually, people at the beginning of their career, start by going deep in one area and gain expertise in that field which I believe is how it should be done. This trick keeps you from falling into the trap of becoming a jack of all trades and a master of none.

But to move forward professionally one does need to work on broadening his horizons and understanding in their respective fields. Deep knowledge of a field entails that you have a thorough understanding of different disciplines.  As you grow and progress in your career, you’ll begin to develop a more strategic approach to gain an understanding of the business as a whole. 

To make this happen, let’s look at some common tech roles and what they require.

In a tech company, there are mostly engineers. They need to be experts in the backend, the app, the blockchain, or another portion of the stack. The risk to keep in mind here is that your area of expertise may get obsolete in the future. For example, there is a relatively lower demand for mainframe engineers or COBOL or Perl programmers today.

If you want to grow and develop as a technical architect, you need to learn how different parts of the system work together. A technical architect or a people manager still needs to have that depth of expertise in one area, but they also must have the experience to know how the entire system works.

For Technical Marketing, Pre Sales, Technical Sales, QA roles, width is more important than depth. You’ll need to know how the product works in order to sustain competition.  It’s important to note the QA role will require more technical depth than the sales or marketing roles.

A solution architect is a more strategic role. This helps in assisting the customers to build a solution using your technology, keeping their goals and long term plans in mind. You need to understand how your product competes with others to build a better solution. You need the same amount of technical depth as a technical sales or marketing person as you are integrating different offerings.

A member of the C-suite has the responsibility of making sure that everyone does their job. So a good corporate officer will have strategic knowledge and awareness in all areas. They also need some basic technical skills to understand what the product is all about, but they don’t need to be able to dive deep into the details.

If your future goals include going into consulting, know that you’ll need to be very broad in your area of expertise. A consultant’s job is to find a problem and recommend a solution to the client. It is of less importance for a consultant to understand some of the more technical aspects of the discipline because they recommend solutions. That’s why role also requires a much more strategic bent of mind.

Up-Scaling yourself is a need of the hour, the reason is pretty simple, technology is evolving very quickly. Listed below are the top 10 trending technologies, which are expected to acquire a huge market in 2019.

          Artificial Intelligence


          Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

          Cloud Computing 

          Angular and React 


          Internet of Things (IoT)

          Intelligent Apps (I – Apps) 

          Big Data

          RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Whether you are preparing to enter the job market for the first time, or have been working for the majority of your life, now is an excellent time to begin a career as an IT professional. The tech market has been on fire over the past few decades and shows no signs of slowing down with so much growth and such a high demand for new gadgets, apps, and software.

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