Android Development

Learn android programming and create high-end tools and experiences that fit in the palm of your hand.

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  • Java
  • Basic
  • Kotlin
  • PhoneGap
  • C/C++
  • Corona/LUA
  • C#

Take your Android coding skills to the next level

Learn more about the latest Android developer features, including what's new in Android Q, new Jetpack components, Android Studio 3.5, Kotlin, and more. You'll find a wide range of training that teaches you how to build an app, including how to build your first Android app, how to build layouts that adapt to different screens, how to save data in a local database, how to use device sensors and cameras, and much more.
You might end up working as an Android engineer on a large team where you’re focused on building a single feature, or you might be the sole Android engineer at a small startup. Either way — it’s often up to you to advocate for the Android platform and recommend Android-specific designs and best-practices.

Get training and experience on live projects

We have developed various Bootcamp modules keeping in
mind the recent industry trends and the inclination of the
market towards the skill set. The course curriculum has a
blend of industry-based training and contemporary
technical skills.

Weekly plans

1-5 weeks+

Basics of Android: What is Android,History and Version,Installing software,Setup Eclipse

6-10 weeks+
11-15 weeks+
16-20 weeks+
21-25 weeks+
26-30 weeks+

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